The Man Behind the Lens:

The Cheat is an amateur contemporary artist, based in Singapore. Self-taught in photography, The Cheat is capable of creating images that could be disturbing or striving to transcend reality. Well-versed in existential philosophy, as well as having a solid foundation in natural sciences, The Cheat is a self-proclaimed life-long learner, expressing interest to exchange ideas be it in artistic creation or to simply broaden knowledge.

Media of Expression:

While images shown on the sites are created through digital medium, The Cheat is also well-versed and actively creating work pieces with other formats of film, including 135, 120 and 4x5.

Photography Influences:

The Cheat's style of photography is an amalgation borrowing strongly from the style of Ralph Gibson (for the unique perspective of everyday objects), Daido Moriyama (for the high contrasty flavour), John Sexton (for the connection to natural subjects) and Cindy Sherman (for the disturbing portrayal and thought-provoking perspectives).


The Cheat is open to collaboration of projects, discussion of creative ideas, teaching of fundamental photography and dark room processing, as well as critiquing photography-based art work.


The Cheat can be contacted through email, or through private messaging at ClubSnap.

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