A camera is a pen that stylise your expressions portraying events, thoughts, emotions and pervasion. Just as words could express emotions concisely or vaguely, an image could subtly or crudely provide suggestions or thoughts as well. And ultimately, since it is near impossible to know exactly the emotions or thinking of another person, it absurd to strive seek an understanding of these images in my mindset.
Judge not what the picture has significance to me; judge what they have on yourself. Keep an open mind and try not to over analyse any image. 
However, if you are really disturbed by a certain image, feel free to contact me. I welcome all correspondences. 

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About Untitled #168
Untitled #168 makes reference to the same-titled work of Cindy Sherman. It was the first influential work that significantly impacted my world-view, as well as opening my eyes to the possibilities offered through photography. 

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